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What is Pipeline?

What are pipelines? In principle, many people already imagine what we are talking about, but we will plunge a little into the technique and try to talk in the scientific language.

So, pipelines are different sizes of construction, thanks to which we can move liquid, gaseous and loose substances from one end to the other. You can see what the pipeline and the appropriate equipment look like here. Pipeline is not just a pipe, it is a large structure, which includes, as usual straight pipes, and a large number of various parts, fixtures, measuring devices, fittings, as well as everything that allows to make the process as much as possible automatic. 


Pipeline parts are important because it is thanks to them that you can connect different diameters of the pipe, make turns, bends, slopes, etc. These details are distinguishing drains, stubs, transitions, fittings, tees and transition rings. Details are also used when the pipeline is temporarily down. They are usually installed when the pipeline is connected with a welding machine.

Pipelines are divided, depending on location and function, into industrial and mainline. Industrial is also called technological pipelines. For example, if the pipeline goes from the site of raw materials extraction to the plant or port, it is called a mainline. Also, through the main pipelines, the finished product is delivered to the places of consumption and operation.

Unlike the main, technological pipelines account for about one-third of all pipelines in industrial plants. Such pipelines transfer raw materials in the form of gas, liquid or steam to the destination, and may have already finished products, or waste, for the sake of normalization and simplification of the industrial process. Also in such pipelines are transmitted dangerous to human health very harmful substances at different pressures and temperature.

But technological pipelines also lend themselves to different classifications depending on their location (may be either intercesse or intra-ech). By the way of their position, they are divided into above-ground, underground, but also allocate and ground group. Industrial pipelines distinguish by the type of pressure within them on the leak (very low pressure), can also be vacuum, or medium and high pressure. It depends on what is transported, from what depth and many other indicators.

But it is important not only pressure, but also temperature, as they are very connected. Moreover, the temperature is important for raw materials, which is transferred from point A to point B. It can be warm, cold, normal, hot, very hot or cryogenic.

Post time: Sep-01-2022