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Types of Pipeline (By Usage)

A. Gas pipeline - The pipeline is for gas transportation. A mainline pipeline has been created to transfer gas fuel over long distances. Throughout the line there are compressor stations that support constant pressure in the network. At the end of the pipeline, distribution stations reduce the pressure to the size needed to feed consumers.

B. Oil pipeline - The pipeline is designed to carry oil and refining products. There are commercial, main, connecting and distribution types of pipelines. Depending on the oil product carried: oil pipelines, gas pipelines, kerosene pipelines. The main pipeline is represented by a system of underground, ground, underwater and above-ground communications.


C. Hydraulic pipeline - Hydro drive for transporting minerals. Loose and solid substances are carried under the influence of water flow. Thus, coal, gravel and sand are transported over long distances from deposits to consumers and waste is removed from power plants and processing plants.
D. Water pipeline - Water pipes are a type of pipes for drinking and technical water supply. Hot and cold water moves through underground pipes to the water towers, from where it is fed to consumers.
E. Outlet pipeline - The outlet is a system used to drain water from the collector and from the lower part of the tunnel.
F. Drainage pipeline - A network of pipes for drainage of rainwater and groundwater.Designed to improve soil conditions in building work.
G. Duct pipeline - Used to move air in ventilation and air conditioning systems.
H. Sewer pipeline - A pipe used to remove waste, domestic waste.There is also a drainage system for laying cables underground.
I. Steam pipeline - used for steam transmission in thermal and nuclear power plants, industrial power plants.
J. Heat pipe - Used to supply steam and hot water to the heating system.
K. Oxygen piping - Used for oxygen supply in industrial enterprises, using in-shop and interdepartmental piping.
L. Ammonia pipeline - Ammonia pipeline is a kind of pipeline used for conveying ammonia gas.

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