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What can I do to Prevent ERW Steel Pipe from Breaking?

Feb. 22, 2020

ERW Steel Pipe Supplier introduces the methods to prevent ERW steel pipe from breaking, and everyone can refer to it.

ERW steel pipe manufacturers usually improve its performance by adding alloys to the material. After cold drawing, stress annealing is required to eliminate the residual stress of the material to prevent the ERW steel pipe from breaking.

At present, China's ERW steel pipe manufacturers improve metal strength through cold drawing, but it comes at the expense of metal shaping and toughness. Cold drawn ERW steel pipe is based on the market with high dimensional accuracy and high strength performance. It must ensure that the amount of deformation is within a certain range in order to maximize the performance of the material and reduce the adverse impact on the material.

ERW Steel Pipe

ERW Steel Pipe

If the deformation of the ERW steel pipe is small, it can not meet the requirements of smoothness and dimensional accuracy, nor the strength of the component. If the deformation is too large, the plasticity and toughness of the ERW steel pipe is reduced too much, and the grains are pulled too fine. Long, forming fibrous structure, the metal will have obvious anisotropy. The axial direction of the cold-drawn ERW steel pipe is parallel to the elongation of the crystal grains, and the strength increases; the radial direction of the cold-drawn ERW Steel Pipe, perpendicular to the elongation of the crystal grains, decreases the strength, and the maximum stress of the hydraulic cylinder Existing in the radial direction of ERW steel pipe, so too much deformation is not good for the full performance of cold drawn pipe.

The above is the method for preventing the ERW steel pipe from being summarized by the ERW steel pipe manufacturers. You can prevent the ERW steel pipe from breaking through the above methods.

ERW Steel Pipe descaling maintenance method:

However, the maintenance of ERW steel pipe equipment has become a headache. ERW steel pipe equipment plays a significant role in life and work. Generally, the surface of ERW steel pipe is required to reach near white level (Sa2.5 practice proves that it is an epoxy, vinyl, phenolic and other anticorrosive coating construction process commonly used in ERW steel pipe. The use of this derusting grade can almost eliminate Remove all scale, rust and other dirt, the depth of the anchor pattern reaches 40 ~ 100μm, which fully meets the adhesion requirements of the anticorrosive layer and the steel pipe. Reached near-white level (Sa2.5 technical conditions. When certain rust marks occur on the ERW steel pipe, it should be treated according to certain rust removal methods and methods to ensure the quality and performance of the ERW steel pipe, which can be used in different industries and fields To make important contributions and roles to the construction industry.

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