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What are the Main Differences Between ERW Steel Pipe and SSAW Steel Pipe?

Mar. 11, 2020

There are different functions and differences in actual production and use. ERW Steel Pipe and spiral welded pipe have many differences in the manufacturing process and shape. Manufactured in accordance with its own characteristics and processes, straight seam welded pipes can have different functions in use. Let's first talk about the main differences between these two types of welded pipes. There should be two types of straight seam welded pipes: one in the middle straight seam welded pipe, and the wall thickness is not too large. Generally, high frequency continuous welding is used to become the high frequency straight seam welded pipe. The straight seam welded pipe is initially formed into a steel plate step by step through a hydraulic press, and then a submerged arc welding method is used, and then processed by thermal expansion and shaping. Then, a spiral line with a different helix angle is used. The former weld line is a straight line. In the consumption of small and medium diameter welded pipes, the former has a greater advantage, and in the consumption of large diameter welded pipes, the latter has a comparative advantage.

ERW Steel Pipe

ERW Steel Pipe

The storage of SSAW Steel Pipe must be in a suitable place and warehouse. The spiral welded pipe is formed by spirally forming the raw strip steel through a forming machine and submerged arc welding through the inside and outside, thereby consuming spiral welded pipes of different specifications. Weeds and all sundries should be removed from the site, and the steel should be kept clean. The warehouse should not be stacked with materials that are corrosive to steel, such as acid, alkali, salt, and cement.

Therefore, under the opposite task pressure, the wall thickness of the spirally welded pipe with uniform pipe diameter can be reduced compared with the straight seam welded pipe. Different types of steel should be stacked separately to prevent turbulence and contact erosion. Large sections, rails, steel plates, straight seam welded pipes, forgings, etc. can be stacked in the open air. The warehouse requires clear ventilation in sunny days, and closed and moisture-proof on rainy days. Adhere to a suitable storage environment. Be sure to pay more attention to the above items, otherwise the quality problems caused are often not the cause of the quality inspection of the spiral welded pipe, but the careless storage of the internal pressure, because of the different shape of the weld. Welded pipe seam reward stress relief is 60-85% of the main stress of straight seam welded pipe, which can be stored in a well-ventilated shed.  The former requires a specific width of raw strip or steel plate for each type of straight seam welded pipe consumed. The latter is a strip with a width specification that can consume small and medium-sized steel, wire rods, rebars, medium-caliber straight-welded steel pipes and wire ropes with different diameters. However, it is necessary to load and unload 5 some small steels, thin steel plates, steel strips, silicon steel sheets, straight seam welded pipes, various cold-rolled and cold-drawn steels and high-priced and easily eroded metal products, which can be stored in the warehouse. The public premise is selected. Generally, a general closed-type warehouse is used, that is, a warehouse with a roof and a fence, tight doors and windows, and a ventilation device.

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