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How to Judge Whether the Stainless Steel Seamless Pipe is Annealed?

Apr. 23, 2020

Alloy Seamless Steel Tubes are manufactured according to regulations. Generally speaking, the methods of making stainless steel seamless tubes are generally cold-rolled, cold-drawn, and hot-rolled. It is a whole process called annealing in one step, and this whole process is critical. However, due to the fact that this whole process does not look too much in appearance, many pot friends can't tell whether stainless steel pipes have been annealed. Alloy Seamless Steel Tubes Supplier will teach you how to judge whether stainless steel seamless pipes are annealed?

Alloy Seamless Steel Tubes

Alloy Seamless Steel Tubes

(1) A resistor with a high-precision number detector for measuring the length of each water pipe unit. No impervious steel resistor is quite large and should be measurable. The natural barrier of calcined steel is smaller than that of steel without butadiene. Before modeling, it was dull and boring, and there was no solid state.

⑵The raw material of stainless steel seamless tube can be identified by radar echo. Tap the water pipe and hear the sound of the water pipe. How to judge whether the stainless steel seamless pipe is annealed? If the reverberation is very high and sharp, it burned before. Because the internal structure of the inner crystal after annealing is more uniform and inseparable, it can produce a higher color reverberation. Once annealed, the entire device has many organizational defects that can attract the voice of all personnel. Therefore, the mouth of the water pipe is low because it turns a little bit. If there is a natural environment, you can find it with sonar.

If the seamless steel tube is not properly stored, it will greatly reduce its sales, and for a small warehouse, it is impossible to achieve the purpose of properly storing small-diameter precision seamless steel tubes.

The production of stainless steel pipes adopts unique process technology. The quality of the inner and outer walls is smooth, the appearance is better, and the appearance of the finished products looks more accurate. If such small-diameter precision seamless steel pipes are to be properly stored, they must be stored Inside a warehouse with a certain temperature. Only with such good storage can small precision seamless steel tubes be intact.

After the seamless steel tube is properly stored, there is no need to worry that it will corrode during use, because the small-diameter precision seamless steel tube becomes a finished product through special treatment.

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