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How to Increase the Stability of Longitudinally Welded Pipes?

Dec. 10, 2020

As an LSAW Steel Pipe Supplier, share with you.

Straight seam welded pipes, steel pipes made of hot-rolled or cold-rolled steel plates or steel strip coils welded on welding equipment, are all called longitudinally welded pipes.

Among them, according to different purposes, there are different back-end production processes. (It can be roughly divided into scaffolding pipes, fluid pipes, wire sleeves, bracket pipes, guardrail pipes, etc.). Low-pressure fluid welded pipe is a kind of longitudinal welded pipe. Generally, water and gas are transported after the welding is completed. Compared with ordinary welded pipe, a water pressure test is performed.

Longitudinal welded pipe is a kind of steel pipe that we have used in all walks of life. In the ordinary application process, the stability of the longitudinal welded pipe can also be improved, so today the longitudinal welded pipe manufacturer will talk about how to do it in detail: The first thing is about the requirements for the surrounding environment of the stored longitudinally welded pipes, and the selected places must be able to dredge the drainage.

LSAW Steel Pipe

LSAW Steel Pipe

And also to ensure that the environment is clean, and there can be no harmful gases or dust near the air. The second is to ensure that the upper block and the lower pad are used when depositing. And also ensure that there is certain ventilation. Another thing is that metal products that are relatively simple to corrode must be carefully preserved. Regarding some large steels, they can be placed in the open air.

However, whether it is stored in the open air beside the warehouse, there can be no such substances as acids, alkalis, salt, and cement that can damage steel. Different types of storage must be classified. If it is in the case of billeting with small deformation, then the wall thickness error is relatively small, and the roughness of the thick-walled longitudinally welded pipe is gradually reduced.

However, if it is a large deformation billet, the wall thickness error will be relatively large, which will affect the wall thickness error of the longitudinal welded pipe obtained after the rolling pass. If the total deformation is the same, the more the number of rolling passes, the greater the elongation and hardness of the thick-walled longitudinally welded pipe, the higher the strength, and the better the induction function.

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