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Do you know the Development Process of ERW Steel Pipeline at Home and also Abroad?

Jun. 09, 2020

As an ERW Carbon Steel Welded Pipe Supplier, share with you.

ERW Steel Pipe is the warm rolled coil plate created by the forming equipment, making use of the skin effect and also distance effect of high frequency existing to warm as well as thaw the edge of television blank, and pressure welding under the activity of the squeeze roller To accomplish production. The high-frequency resistance welding technique was related to the manufacturing of welded pipelines in the 1950s. In the past ten years, its production technology has ended up being a growing number of best, and product quality has actually been continually improved. The first is that the high quality of raw materials made use of in ERW manufacturing has actually been dramatically boosted. Low C, reduced P, S in the layout of steel elements, microalloying; converter smelting, ladle refining, vacuum degassing, continuous casting as well as other new innovations in the smelting procedure Making use of regulated rolling as well as regulated cooling technology in the moving procedure has significantly enhanced the appearance size, look high quality, and also physical and also chemical homes of hot-rolled steel strip for big and also medium-caliber ERW steel pipelines. The pipeline steel produced by Baoshan Iron & Steel Co., which represents the highest level of hot-rolled steel strip in China, has actually met the demands of the American Petroleum Institute API 5L standard and is at the worldwide prominent degree.

ERW Steel Pipe

ERW Steel Pipe

Second of all, the automated control of the computer system is understood in the manufacturing procedure of large as well as medium-caliber ERW steel pipe creating welding heat treatment, as well as the warmth input power during the high-frequency welding procedure is successfully controlled with the computer's automatic settlement system, preventing the welding heat input power from being low The resulting cold welding, online welding and also getting too hot triggered by high heat input power. The control of the intermediate frequency warm treatment temperature level allows the warmth therapy procedure to attain the most effective results according to the procedure requirements, effectively making certain the high quality of the weld and also warm affected zone.

In addition, the advancement of discovery modern technology has actually attained online or offline full-weld ultrasonic or eddy current exploration injuries. The hydraulic examination can additionally be evaluated and also maintained according to requirements under the guidance of a computer system. The promo and also execution of the ISO9000 collection of standards and APIQ1 requirements make the manufacturing, assessment, sales and also solution of huge as well as medium-caliber ERW steel pipelines in the quality control of an entire procedure. In recent times, numerous countries are proactively examining to replace seamless steel tubes and spiral steel pipes with ERW steel pipes. In industrially developed countries, the size is less than φ610mm, and the proportion of ERW has reached regarding 70%.

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