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What are the Causes and Countermeasures for Lateral Cracking of Stainless Steel Products?

Apr. 29, 2020

As an Alloy Seamless Steel Tubing Supplier, share with you. Stainless steel products often have various cracking phenomena during the drawing process. Among them, lateral or point cracking of the side walls is a common form of processing failure of 304 stainless steel products with relatively deep drawing such as vacuum cups and pressure cookers. Especially in recent years, the product processing process has been continuously promoted. For example, the number of drawing passes of the thermal insulation cup has been reduced from 5 times to 3 times commonly used at present, from multiple annealing in the middle to one annealing or no annealing after the completion of stamping. Therefore, higher requirements are imposed on the formability of stainless steel materials. The occurrence of lateral or point-like cracking defects on the side walls of stainless steel products may be caused by intercrystalline defects of materials, delta ferrite and other materials, or it may be caused by the drawing process and drawing oil during the processing of stainless steel products.\

Alloy Seamless Steel Tubes

Alloy Seamless Steel Tubes

The lateral or point cracking phenomenon of the Seamless Steel Pipe side wall is mainly caused by the inclusions or delta ferrite present in the material matrix. Therefore, the following two points should be controlled in the production process of stainless steel:

(1) Improve the purity of the material and reduce the content of inclusions in the stainless steel matrix.

(2) Improve the composition design and hot and cold rolling annealing process to reduce the content of delta ferrite in the stainless steel matrix.

However, due to the inevitable existence of these two manufacturing defects in the production process of stainless steel materials, appropriate technological measures can also be taken to reduce or avoid the defects caused by inclusions or delta ferrite defects during the processing of vacuum flasks and other products cracking phenomenon:

(1) Change the forming method from thinning drawing to equal thickness drawing.

(2) Increase the number of drawing passes, increase the radius of the die fillet, and reduce the difficulty of material deformation.

(3) Properly increase the viscosity of the drawing oil to promote uniform deformation of the material and avoid excessive stress concentration.

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